Curse of the Double Digits

Humorous chapter book for ages 7 to 10

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Becky turns 10 on the 10th day of the 10th month!
She expects it to be magical.

The whole class is invited to her party, including Chad, the cutest boy in the fifth grade. So is Darlenie-the-Meanie. 

Becky wants to look cute for her big day, but all her plans go wrong. Really wrong. The magic of turning ten disappears before she even has a chance to blow out her birthday candles.

Things get so bad, she refuses to go to her own party. Becky wonders if the Curse of the Double Digits will jinx her forever.


Curse at Zala Manor

First book in the Monster Moon series.

"The Zantony family has a long history in the old pirate town of Craggy Cove. AJ Zantony knows he is different, but he never expected his premonitions of ghosts and zombies to lead to fulfilling his family legacy.

As his Aunt Zsofia prepares for her annual Halloween party at Zala Manor, AJ unlocks the remains of a long-standing curse upon the Zantony estate. AJ and his science partner, Emily, must discover the secrets of the Zantony family history to end the curse before midnight on Halloween.

As if that was not enough to keep AJ and Emily busy, they are also pursued by Calvin, Dirk, and Runt, the class bullies. Acting like real-life monsters, the three bullies are determined to make fun of AJ and Emily at all costs. Their antagonizing becomes a major hindrance in the fight against the haunting curse.

However, the two are not alone on this mission; AJ and Emily are helped by a mysterious rat who leads them through the dank and dark history of the Zantony family and Zala Manor.

This is the first of the 'Monster Moon' series by BBH McChiller, a trio of writers from California with varied backgrounds that add up to dynamic and vivid storytelling."
                                   Children's Literature Magazine

BBH McChiller


Monster Moon authors Lynn Kelley, Kathy Sant, and Maria Toth write under the pseudonym of BBH McChiller for this fun, spooky mystery series for kids ages 8 to 12.  This picture was taken at the Book-a-Palooza event at the Corona Public Library in Corona, California, March 2010.

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ISBN 978-1-933277-10-3

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BBH McChiller authors:
Maria Toth, Lynn Kelley, and Kathy Sant

 On the set of the Inland Empire Alive  show (IMEG)


Just finished the interview by Host, Dennis Baxter, for the Inland Empire Alive show on KCSB-IMEG, to be aired on October 16, 2010.

Brain enjoyed the fun at the Book-A-Palooza. He's Maria's brain child and appeared in an episode of Homework Hotline.


Book Reviews of Curse at Zala Manor:

"Funny...creepy, gross kiddo read."
                                                                                                          Michele Lee, Booklove

"In the vein of "The Goonies" and "There's a Batwing in My Lunchbox" comes Monster Moon: Curse at Zala Manor....This book has it all: secret tunnels and talking animals, mad science and real monsters. Perfect for in-class reading in elementary schools and early middle schools. Equal parts scary, mysterious, gross and silly, it's pure fun. Definitely recommended for all collections aimed at fostering a love of reading."  
                                                                                                            Monster Librarian      

"...Fast-paced suspense...Chapters are short and language is simple enough for reluctant readers. "
                                                                                                            School Library Journal

From Aghoo Review
Monster Moon: Curse at Zala Manor
BBH McChiller  5 Stars for Story,
                               5 Stars for Cover Art,
                               5 Stars for Format/Quality,
                               5 Stars for Originality,
                               3 1/2 Stars for Read-Aloudability
     It’s almost Halloween, and twelve-year-old AJ Zantony’s world is threatened by an ancient curse that releases wicked pirates who had been trapped for centuries in his Aunt Zsofia’s creepy mansion, Zala Manor.
     The pirates–a vampire count, a pegleg skeleton, and a zombie–have three goals: to find a lost treasure, unleash the restless dead from their graves, and to settle a very old score by destroying the Zantony bloodline.
     AJ has to stop them before midnight during Aunt Zsofia’s annual Halloween party. Except he has a big problem–monster phobia! He’s scared to death of monsters. But if he doesn’t act fast, the streets of Craggy Cove will be crawling with zombies.
     Will AJ overcome his fear and stop the monsters or bail out? Will Craggy Cove become Zombie Central? Who will be alive when midnight tolls?
     This book is awesome! As a lover of the horror genre and ghost stories and mysteries this book really takes the cake. It has everything, from a creepy house to secret passageways, to ghost and zombies and more! I knew from page 1 that I would fall in love with the book. It is rich with family secrets that gives the reader an urge to keep reading.
     My favorite series, even to this day, is Nancy Drew. I love when characters come together to solve mysteries and uncover hidden truths. The deeper and darker the secret the more interested I become. Books like this make me want to keep reading until my eyes are red and sore and I am so sleep deprived that the fiction of the book starts to seem real to me. I honestly can not say enough about how good the writing is.
     The characters are very well defined. I like Aunt Zsofia and her curious vehicle of choice, a bright pink hearse. Even the last name, Zantony, is given depth as the kids journey to discover more about AJ’s lineage. I loved it. It truly had everything a person could want when reading a book. It lacked in nothing. Even the cover art is amazing featuring the two main characters in the book standing in front of a crypt that reads “Zantony”. This book is a must read!

(See review by Children's Literature Magazine at top of the page.)
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Secret of Haunted Bog


Keep out of the Bog. Danger lurks with every step!

Michele Lee "~BookLove~" (Louisville, KY) 4 Star review on Amazon: ZomBuddies AJ, Emily and Freddy are back for more adventures. When Aunt Zsofia takes them on a trip to Chinatown on the edge of a saltwater bog they never suspected they'd end up facing down monsters, ghosts and gun-wielding bad guys. The bog holds many secrets, the most interesting of which is a young girl named Mei who claims to be hiding from the people who killed her parents. In their quest to help Mei the ZomBuddies will have to face down toxic bog water, mutated monsters and treacherous adults.

Secret of Haunted Bog is a fast-paced, fun tale. Similar in feel to the Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys or Bobsey Twins, or even the more modern incarnation of Scooby Doo, it pits three courageous, stubborn kids against mysteries, supernatural and not. Engaging and exciting, Monster Moon makes for great in class or before bed reading. Definitely recommended for preteen collections.
Contains: Some gross out moments.

This is probably the best kids' adventure book I have ever read. Every chapter ends with a new exciting hook -- you really can't put it down until you get to the end. The mysterious swamp, the suspicious man in the dark jacket, the disappearing girl, and the half-tiger half-lion "liger"... it's just the perfect, fun adventure tale. The authors are really ingenious and original, and they've created a brilliant plot. (I'm not going to spoil the story by telling you what happened -- but it's a great twist -- completely believable and yet surprising at the same time.) My favorite aspect of the book was how much research the authors did...I promise you that any kid will love this book, and learn from it at the same time! Highly, highly recommended!
                                               Vivian (NY)

The combined effort of three writers produces the second book about AJ and his friends. Again, tangled up with the slightly supernatural, AJ, Emily, and Freddy head to China Town with AJ's aunt and Vlad the talking rat. There they encounter suspicious activity in a nearby bog...ghosts, mutated animals and snarling bad guys...they discover a missing girl who tells them her life is in danger...a quick and somewhat entertaining read. Action zooms along at an incredible pace, with each of the short chapters ending on a cliffhanger...
                                              Children's Literature Magazine
                                              Reviewer: Sharon Oliver

Second Book in the Monster Moon mystery series:

  Hardback available at:
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ISBN 978-1-933277-14-1

Now available as an eBook for $2.99:
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Book trailers:
Monster Moon - Secret of
Haunted Bog

Read Across America Day  March 2, 2011

Feldheym Library, San Bernardino, CA - Secret of Haunted Bog - Advanced copy!

Secret of Haunted Bog - Hot off the press - 3-2-11

Maria (wearing her pizza hat) with Scary Lou. Looks like Scary Lou is holding her nose. Maybe she smells the deadly fumes bubbling up from Haunted Bog!

Yes, Scary Lou, the Zombuddies are in BIG trouble. The new Monster Moon book is fast paced and sure to keep you hanging onto the edge of your seat. Eeeeeeeeck!

BBH McChiller & Carol Amato, Editor


Kathy - Signing copies of the newest Monster Moon book


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Trio of Haunting Tales Spooky Short Stories

Cyclops Clyde
Night of the Howling Werewolf
Ghost Warrior


For ages 8 and up

Trio of Haunting Tales offers three short stories for kids who love spine-tingling fiction. Great for reading aloud at ghost-story gatherings, such as sleepovers, around a campfire, in the classroom, or at home for a night of spooky, family fun. 

Cyclops Clyde, a freaky computer monster, wreaks havoc both on and off screen, taunting and paralyzing his victim. 

In Night of the Howling Werewolf, Eric Lung searches out the bullies who jumped his best friend, Ben, and stole his bike. 
Things get weird on Slaughter Hill, the bullies’ favorite hangout. 

Ghost Warrior kicks the fright factor up and will creep out even the bravest of souls. Connie worked overtime and now 
worries that she’ll be punished with extra pushups for being late to karate class, but pushups become the least of her 
problems when rival ghost gangs that haunt the parking structure claim first dibs on this mortal prey.   
Available for $.99 at:
 Amazon - Kindle ebook Be sure to check out the Author Page on Amazon!
Barnes & Noble  - Nook
Smashwords - ipad, Kobo, other e-readers 

Trio of Haunting Tales
book teaser on YouTube

Zombie Loo and werewolf Wild Hairy try to read "Cyclops Clyde," first story of Trio of Haunting Tales. The zombie and werewolf aren't cut out for storytelling! Watch "Cyclops Clyde - Creepy Story" on Youtube to hear Ma Cob tell the whole story. 

Zombie Loo Out Takes 

Is lip gloss sticky enough to hold candy eyeballs on your eyelids? Find out in these outtakes from my first attempt making a book trailer for TRIO OF HAUNTING TALES - Spooky Short Stories.

Cyclops Clyde - Creepy Story  
YouTube video 
Here's the whole story

Ma Cob, creepiest storyteller in cyberspace, tells "Cyclops Clyde," first short story in Trio of Haunting Tales. 

Cyclops Clyde Excerpts Out Takes 

Ma Cob tries to tell the story, "Cyclops Clyde," but kept messing up. She has since had a makeover, and you can
 hear the entire story on the video, "Cyclops Clyde - Creepy Story," on the lynnkelleyauthor YouTube channel. 


Merry as a Cricket

Inside Book Flap:
     "Merry as a Cricket reveals a world shaped by Catholic Faith, thought and practice. Here, being Catholic is part of children's everyday lives. A companion volume to A Peek Into My Church, Merry as a Cricket presents two stories from St. Anne's Parish, where readers will meet new characters and rediscover their already familiar friends, Liddy and Mark Bennett, and their orange marmalade cat, Mickey (who still isn't allowed to go to Mass with the family.)
     "In Merry as a Cricket, the children of St. Anne's Parish come to understand why Mr. Demski, the parish grouch, is so grouchy; he is still mourning the death of his beloved wife, Ana. At the church carnival, loving friends and a mysterious clown help Mr. Demski rediscover joy and laughter.
   "Every kid loves A Pocketful of Chocolate, especially this pocketful! In this story, the Bennett children celebrate St. Francis' feast day with their pets, family and friends at St. Anne's annual Blessing of the Animals. Before the celebration, Liddy and Mark befriend the new kid in the neighborhood, a lonely boy named Steven. When Steven joins the Bennett children at the Blessing, he finds an unexpected new friend."

Published by WhipperSnapper Books, Los Altos, CA (2002)
Illustrated by Judy Jarrett

Pictured below: The mysterious clown from the story came to the book signing held at Judy's Hallmark store, Inland Center Mall, San Bernardino, California, March 2, 2002
     A  favorite feature of WhipperSnapper's books are the picture dictionaries in the back, which explain Catholic terms, traditions, and rituals.

Book signing at the Religious Ed Congress, Anaheim, California


Feb. 16, 2002 Lynn Kelley, author, and Wendy Goody, editor, WhipperSnapper Books.

Peggy O'Donnell inspired the story. She knew a real priest, Fr. John O'Donnell (no relation), who actually dressed as a pantomime clown for the parish carnival. Fr. O'Donnell also had a Blessing of the Animals ceremony, which is the setting for the second story in the book, A Pocketful of Chocolate. Some parishes celebrate the Blessing of the Animals on the Feast Day of St. Francis, October 4th, to honor the beloved saint who loved animals and nature.
Below: Lynn and Peggy O'Donnell, previous Director of Religious Education. St. Adelaide Church, Highland, CA.




"The Jobo Tree"

Highlights for Children, September 2006 issue.

Received Author-of the-Month award - I framed the engraved pewter plate they sent me.


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