More Altered Art Photo Boxes - Homemade Gifts
May 2, 2012
In December I shared an altered art photo box that makes a nice homemade gift. If you missed it, you can read about it here.
Today I'd like to feature two more boxes, which can also be used to store CDs, DVDs, love letters, or personal treasures. I started with file boxes I bought at a craft store.

I used a page from a calendar with photos of Tuscany and tore the picture into three sections, with the middle section being the widest, which I glued to the lid of the box. The other two sections are on the sides. Calendars usually have a page displaying all the photos in smaller sizes on the back. I used the miniature of the large photo for the front of the box (lower left-hand corner in above picture).
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April 4, 2012
Altered Art Book Wedding Gift
In a post on December 7, 2011, I shared an altered art book I made one year for my parents' Christmas gift. You can read about it here. I then posted about a photo box that I decorated with altered art. If you want to read that one, go here.

I had planned to do a post about the very first altered art book I ever made, a very simple one for my niece's wedding. I'll have to save that post for another time. Instead, I'm sharing one of the last altered art books I made, which was for my daughter's wedding gift a year ago.

I start with some kind of general theme and idea of what kind of spreads I want. I've never taken a scrapbooking class, and I mess up a lot. Part of the fun of altered art is covering up the mistakes. I usually add more embellishments and often end up pleased and surprised with the final look.

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Shadow Boxes Make Great Gifts
December 21, 2011
Just in case you're looking for a special gift to make for Christmas, I thought I'd share my shadow boxes with you. Little mementos or souvenirs are perfect to use in a shadow box.

I once mentioned to my friend and co-author, Maria Toth, that I still have my grandfather's magic wand. (He died when I was in 8th grade, and I inherited many of his magician tricks.)

"You should frame it," Maria said. 

It was a light bulb moment. I found a frame, a photo of Granddad, some of the silk scarfs he used, typed up his magic words, "Abracadabra Presto Picheelo," and added some playing cards.

I loved the way it turned out, so I made another one with the magic wand I used many years ago when I tried my hand as a clown magician. Read more

Altered Art Photo Box - Homemade Gifts
December 9, 2011
My last post featured an altered art book I made for my parents for Christmas 2009. If you missed it, you can check it out here.
Below is an easier altered art project:

For a quicker, simpler altered art craft, you might want to decorate a filing box, like the one I bought at a craft store. These can be used to store photos, DVDs, CDs, or miscellaneous things. They make great gifts and don't cost much to make. Read more

Altered Art Scrapbooking
December 7, 2011
Do you love to give homemade gifts from the heart? Here's one of my favorite crafts, a form of scrapbooking, but you can mix & match different mediums, from braided ribbon, fabric, a pocket from an old pair of jeans, paint, embroidery, old jewelry, pressed flowers, scrapbooking embellishments and paper.
This is an altered art book I made for my mom and dad for Christmas 2009.
I used an old board book, sanded down the pages, then covered them with scrapbooking paper.

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