Friday, October 12, 2012

Ghost Jokes With Funny Bones

As promised last Friday, here are more jokes, especially fun for kids, to get you ready for Halloween. If you missed the Pirate Jokes last week, go here

Wednesday's launch party for my chapter book, Curse of the Double Digits, was wild and wonderful. It just so happened to be the 10th birthday of the main character, Becky. We have a little bit of cake left over, so please help yourself to some virtual cake.

Thank you to everyone who helped make it an extra-special day that I'll never forget. I was overwhelmed by the awesome support I received. 

If you missed the launch, you can check it out here and enter the giveaway to win a copy of Curse of the Double Digits. I'm giving away 10 copies - 5 signed paperbacks and 5 eBooks through October 30. Just leave a comment and specify which you prefer, paperback or eBook. 

Also, you can enter again on Maria Cisneros Toth's blog post where she did a quirky interview of me and Robyn Campbell's blog for another fun interview. 

Available at:

Paperback - $4.99
eBook - $2.99

 Have a good weekend. Do you have any special plans? 


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Glad the launch day went well! Congratulations again, Lynn.

Jennette Marie Powell said...

My RWA chapter is having a plot workshop tomorrow, which I'm really looking forward to! Otherwise, I'm writing. :) Congrats again on the release!

Robyn Campbell said...

Yippeee for Funny Bones!!!! You received the support because of who you are!!! A TOTAL AND COMPLETE NUT! *wink*

You are loved woman! And what a writer! I just realized I'm trying to break my record for using exclamation points! So here! !!!!!! :-)

Old Kitty said...

Oh wow!! Super duper congratulations with your book launch!!!! Awwww all the best with it!!

Off I go to get some booberries and boonanas!! LOL! take care

LynNerdKelley said...

Alex - Thank you, Ninja Captain for the shout out! You're awesome!

Jennette - Sounds like a good conference. Have a great time. Thanks for stopping by.

Robyn - You're soooooooo much fun! Your comments always put a smile on my face!

Old Kitty - Thank you! And good one about going off to buy the booberries and boonanas! Hahaha!

Teresa Robeson said...

Just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed both Maria's and Robyn's interviews of you! :)

And LOL! at Robyn's comment...I love that she's into exclamation marks.

Born Bookish said...

Congratulations on your book launch!! Thanks for the cake ;)

DMS said...

Congrats on the awesome launch. I have to say that I love the cake- it is so beautiful (and tasty). :)I think I already entered this awesome giveaway and want a paperback copy.

The jokes are too funny. I love the background and the costume. Each joke was very original! I found myself smiling.

Anonymous said...

Danny and I just giggled through your jokes! He is the pun king and loved them.
We are in Maliboooooo!
Am downloading your book! Congratulations!

Christina Farley said...

Congratulations on your book! So exciting!

Yüz Germe said...

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LynNerdKelley said...

Teresa - I'm so glad you enjoyed the interviews. Thanks for your support, Teresa. Yep, that Robyn is a hoot, isn't she?

Born Bookish - Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the cake!

Jess - Thank you! I'm glad you entered again. Okay, good to know you prefer a paperback. May your luck be better than poor Becky's!

Susie - I love the Maliboooo! What a coincidence! How cool that Danny watched the video with you! Aw, thanks for downloading the book. Hope you get a good laugh or two out of it. Looking forward to meeting you and Danny in person.

Christina - Thank you! I'm still on Cloud 9!

Anonymous said...

Has the weekend come and gone already?! I am slow...

Congrats again Lynn...and love your quirky videos as always :)

Hope you had a great and refreshing weekend.