Lost in Cyberspace
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Happy Dance
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Skeleton Walks Pet Brain

Videos of Funny Bones skeleton telling jokes:
Note: I've included text for the jokes in the videos so kids can read along.

Numbskull Jokes For Kids
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Pirate Jokes For Kids
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Ghost Jokes For Kids
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More Ghostly Jokes For Kids
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Monster Jokes For Kids
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Spooky Jokes For Kids
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Dancing X-Ray Skeleton
You don't need x-ray vision to watch my new Youtube video! 
This is only a minute long. Creepy, freaky fun.

Funny Bones and Bootiful Baby
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Haunting Tales - Book Teaser
I called this a book trailer, but it's actually a book teaser.
Zombie Loo and Wild Hairy the Werewolf each attempt to read 
"Cyclops Clyde," first story in the eBook, but they don't quite cut it. 
Watch and see why.

Zombie Loo Out Takes
Do you think lip-gloss is a good adhesive 
for candy eyeballs to stick to your eyelids?
Watch my vlog of out-takes from my first attempt 
at making a book trailer for my eBook, 
Trio of Haunting Tales – Spooky Short Stories, 
and then you’ll be able to answer the question.

Cyclops Clyde - Creepy Story
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Ma Cob, creepiest storyteller in cyberspace tells Cyclops Clyde, 
first short story in Trio of Haunting Tales. 

Cyclops Clyde Excerpts - Out Takes
Here's the first version of Ma Cob. The stupid hairdo wore me out. 
By the time I started recording, I was tired, tongue tied, and kept messing up. 
Over and over. The whole thing would have been a waste of time, 
except for a few silly out takes that might put a smile on your face. 

Spooky Character Cliche
Watch this video clip to see how I changed things up for my Goth lady.
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Hair Daze - Research
How to do research for your stories. 
Easy step-by-step instructions. Take notes!
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Secret of Haunted Bog
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Second book trailer for Secret of Haunted Bog, 
book two in the Monster Moon series.

Monster Moon - Secret of Haunted Bog
Related blog post - I Designed Two Book Trailers!
First book trailer for book two in the Monster Moon series, Secret of Haunted Bog. 
Children's Book, Ages 8 to 12, Fun, spooky mystery series by BBH McChiller.
A haunted bog traps 12-year-old AJ Zantony in a maze of dangerous waterways, 
where he confronts bizarre creatures, ghostly apparitions and buried secrets.

Stephanie Jefferson Explains Making Leather Breast Plate
Stephanie Jefferson, Author of PRINCESS KANDAKE  
Warrior By Choice....Appointed to Rule, 
explains how she made a leather breastplate 
for the model to wear for the cover design of her book.

Baby Escape Artist
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How young is too young to challenge a baby's problem-solving skills? 
At seven and a half months, Punkin is off to a great start. 

Snazzy Pink Sunglasses
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A Toddler, A Dog, and a Red Balloon
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