Monday, April 15, 2013

Mighty Thor Visits One-Year-Old Boy

Hello friends! Many of you know I recently moved to a new site. At first I thought I could keep up with both and do duplicate posts, but it's just too much work. 

Today's post of one of my all-time faves since I've been blogging. Who woulda thunk writing a post about an action figure coming to visit me could prove to be so much fun?

And the YouTube video I made to go with it is probably the best one I'll ever make, thanks to translating baby babble into a conversation about the visit from Thor. It all seemed to fall into place. And it was a blast!

Please hop over and check it out here, especially if you're in need of a giggle or two!

New site:


C. Lee McKenzie said...

Great to see you again, Lynn. I'll pop over to your new place and say hello.

JJ said...

Will do!

nutschell said...

Lovely to see you blogging again Lynn! Looking forward to seeing you and our other groupmates at Kristen's book launch.

Susan Kane said...

Will check the video immediately. My 11 month old gr-son babbles so beautifully. He clearly has some thoughts to share. I don't know if Thor has visited him yet.

My 7 yr. old gr-daughter has informed me that Peter Pan and she are married. When I pick her up from school, she insists that he be allowed to ride in the car next to her. I tell him to hold onto the trunk.